{October 14, 2008}   MJC 1st Students’ Council

I miss those days I was in council!! It was super fun!! Just saw this vid on Youtube.. Mong sent it to me…

I almost forgot about this song already (I composed it.. eh hem) haha. Yeah!! Brings back memories of the times I had in MJC!!

I guess we all have to move on in our lives…

No. 1s! I miss you all!!

03S202.. I miss you guys too!!

{September 15, 2008}   What drives you?

I’ve not blogged on my blog for almost a year!
It’s been almost 6 months since I’ve graduated from NYP and started working at NUH, TTSH… and also started schooling at PGSM!!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life these few days (being emo.. haha. just kidding). I love my life a lot now, and I’ll not trade anything for it! The fav peeps I love to hang out with aka D4, spending time in God’s presence, CG leading, work, PGSM… Life has never been so tiring before. But yet it’s the most fulfilling!

A few people have been asking me this over the last few weeks..
“Why do you always look so happy?”
“How do you cope with so many things?”
“What makes you want to do the things you do?”

I guess it all sums up to “what drives you?

What drives me to study is so that I can get a good degree.. earn more money and can bless more people…

What drives me to work is because it’s so fulfilling to see patients happy, to get to know more people at work…

What drives me to hang out with people so much younger than me.. (ok fine.. I’m getting old)… is that I JUST LOVE them! It’s just cool to hang out with Secondary school people, and JC too.. they’re so full of faith… so ready to take the world! I miss my younger days! 15 and 16 years old are the best times to change the world. The best time to decide what you really want to do with your life, because you’re the most courageous then! You dont need to worry about the cares of the world, ie $$, family to look after…. ITS JUST THE BEST!

What drives me to juggle so many things is because I know that with God, all things are possible! We are all capable to be multitaskers! We can all be radical! If we choose to..
And I choose to because, I’ve tasted the greatness of God, the wonders of God, and I know that my destiny in God is far greater that the world imagines it to be.. and all I have to say is “Here I am, God” – Exo 3:4

So what drives you today?

{October 22, 2007}   revival


my blog needs a revival!! does anyone want to help??? EXCEPT ETHEL :)

{July 23, 2007}   Suicide

It’s been such a long time since I blogged! It’s been projects after projects!! Madness. Year 3 in Poly is like a repeat of JC 2!! Save me Save me!!

I did 5 short vids for my behaviour science presentation on Suicide… go check it out ;)

Symbolic Interaction:
Structural Functionalism – Egoistic:
Structural Functionalism – Altuistic:
Conflict Perspective:

{June 17, 2007}   Red Rain!!

Whoa!! Red Rain at Singpost rocked today man!! haha… They’re really anointed :) Yesterday during the worship session, the presence of God was really strong!! woo hoo.

 ANYWAY. I made many new friends today!! We had a really fun/nonsensical time man!!


Ah Huat is my new best friend!!
Kenny is the muscle man!!
Wengwai is er… act cool hahaha…… but I’m cooler
Sharizal.. didnt talk to him much but he looks cool
Siegfried! U’re so cute lar!!
Ly and Ti!! Such cool names will only fit cool people :)
Jun Xin.. heh heh I took a pic of u ;)
Wang Fu!! Aka.. Mr Wonderful
Jian Fang! Jian Fan’s brother
Huo Sheng… the guy in black specs :)
Job! He was named after the bible character!!
Joyline!! Long time no see ehsss
Saraphina… Long time no see tooooo

Woo hooo Yeah!! Today was a great day man!! Another round of Red Rain tmr!!



{June 1, 2007}   twenty one 21

Today, I’m 21 years and 21 days old!

Turning 21 has been the most exciting time ever! So many birthday presents and angpaos! I feel so blessed!!

Thank you everyone who wished me happy birthday!

dom (for the card), grandma (for the angpao and love note), grandpa (for the angpao), denise/drexel/aunty annie/ uncle patrickv(for the flower, ang pao and cards!), yong hui, gwen, dawn, soo yee, pansiri, peck, jian fan, yinxiu (for the card), kim kim, koonwai, benny, natalie, rena, tabitha, venice, ian, pat, mei, yun xuan, vivien, jason (for the card and keychain), wenqian (spent so much just to get me a brown guitar strap!), benneo (for the necklace), yixian, syaz, rtcc, wang yun, romel, zhi peng, christine, isabel, joyce, wenkai, joanne, sharon, noel, sherlyn, Dad, bardee, qinyou, evange, joo yu, sister eileen (for the cake and makeup kit), tianqi (for the card), amanda, khay wee ah pa, hai ling, clare, colin, ubrina, yong yi, sure (she sent a card from australia and smsed me too!), june, ingmar, yvonne, zi ang, winifred, natascha, charlotte, nithiya, shina, yan you, lynn, nicole, jenna, steff, donnell, dwight, russell (he messaged from aussie.. so sweeet), aunty violet, gabriel, michael lam, Pastors (they sent me a card!), len (brought me out for lunch and got me haviannas), uncle jou and family, D4! The people who got me a funky bangle and a batman belt and two cakes, my RT classmates especially syaz n Siew Kia who cabbed to get my Swensens ice cream cake, and siew kia and indian who got me w white guitar strap, s202 who got me a crumpler, ah ma (for the ang pao).

My life is good :)

It must be because of God :)

{May 9, 2007}   adulthood

Hi gorgeous friends,

I’ve decided to dedicate a post specially to myself to mark 20 years of my life, and before I become an adult!

The thought of becoming an adult is really daunting. There’s so much more responsiblility to take up. I’ve got to work hard and find a good job so that my parents can start enjoying their lives. But it’s exciting at the same time. More freedom of choice, more excitement in life! Whoa…. twentyone :)


Pictures: courtesy of Eric Koh’s phone… 

Darn.. I’m pretty

Clare’s picture 

Met Clare after CG today, and Tawan also!! SORRY FOR NOT INVITING YOU ALL :( I repent… Next week CG is unconfirmed, but if there is I will invite all of YOU and IF I forget (which I wont again) I will treat you Swensens :)

CG ROCKS!! D4 ROCKS!! Everyone should come for CG :)

{May 2, 2007}   attractiveness

Love is attractive
Joy is attractive
Vision is attractive
Strength is attractive
Courage is attractive
Life is attractive
Energy is attractive
Money is attractive

 Are YOU attractive?

{May 1, 2007}   fun fair!

“A lot of people are going to give birth tomorrow.


Because it’s Labours’ Day!” – quote Hafiz

Ah! I love my classmates! They’re so fun to be with! I love all you Chinese Indians and Malayssss!! You guys rock!

Some of us ran 2.4km this morning. I think I ran about 15 mins +… NAPFA is next friday! I will chiong NAPFA, bathe and rush down for Pastor Kong’s seminar! So I must train even harder! Haha.. It’s great having classmates who are willing to get up so early to train with each other! RTs U ROCK =)

After school I went to Sembawang! My 3rd trip there to find my dearest June! Sembawang is actually quite interesting! I shall visit that place more often :) After dropping by June’s house to pass her a lovely card and lollipop, I went to Causeway point to meet up with Soo Yee, Jooyu, Josephine and Jollin! After that Darryl and Pansiri came to find us! We went to a fun fair at Woodlands! It was really exciting. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been to any of these.

Check out the number of bears…. 30-04-07_1931.jpg

Colourss! 30-04-07_1932.jpg 30-04-07_1934.jpg

Pansiri, SooYee, Jooyu, Jollin and Josephine went to sit at the Challenger. Wow it was really challenging! I took a video of their ride using Soo Yee’s phone! Hope she uploads it soon :) I wanna go there again! Churchies you rock too!

et cetera